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Sound and sustainable environmental management requires cutting edge experience in planning and engineering. EDCOP's partnership with Tonking and Taylor, a premier environmental consultancy, provides it with a window to tap, internationally recognized expertise in the fields of environmental engineering, air quality,water quality, ecology, geology and planning.

EDCOP provides a wide range of engineering and management services to the solid waste management. Its services include the conduct of feasibility study, detailed engineering and design, assistance in tendering, construction management and training.

EDCOP's involvement in solid waste management projects is sometimes characterized by partnership with foreign firms that has a solid track record in this type of undertaking


Environmental Assessment
Solid Wastes Management
Public Health/Epidemiology
Pollution Control
Mine Waste Management
Maintenance Management/Audit


  Projects Undertaken:  
  Apex Mine Tailings Management Facility in Maco, Compostela Valley

Conduct of tailings dam technical assessment based on physical, topographical, hydrological, geological and environment conditions; detailed engineering design and risk assessment study including a risk management plan. The dam has a design capacity of 160,000 cubic meters of mine tailings and with provision for future expansion. It features a High-Density Poly Ethlyne (HDPE) lining material, an innovation in the industry. The facility is equipped with sensors to monitor seepages, levels of saturation and seismicity.

  Detailed Engineering Study of the Surigao City Waste Treatment Facility

Surigao City, which belongs to the Caraga region, the second poorest region in the Philippines in 2007, is bidding to become the country's model for solid waste management through its P45 million-worth waste treatment facility, the first in Mindanao.

Maintaining and operating the landfill will cost about P7.5 million per year, which will be funded by garbage fees. Casurra said they will be charging Surigao City residents P25 garbage fees starting this year, and those from other local governments that would soon send their garbage to the landfill.

Casurra said Surigao City residents could also earn extra either as collectors of some 21-ton daily garbage that would be dumped on a conveyor that leads to the landfill, or from pulling out free recyclable trash that could be sold.
A P150 million grant from the Swedish government provided the feasibility studies and engineering, while the Landbank of the Philippines provided the P45 million to fund the facility. Construction started in 2005.

The facility sits atop a mountain in Barangay Looc, in the outskirts of the city. It replaces the city's previous dumpsite, which was near a swamp, thus considered not ideal. The landfill has a Material Recovery Facility, which will treat the recyclables, and a leachate collector, which will extract and treat liquids from the garbage. Toxins will be treated before they are pumped out to the creeks.

Sanitary Landfill of the Science City of Muños, Nueva Ecija under The LBP-Support for the Strategic Local Development Investment (SSLDP)

The project involved the formulation of the most viable design and effective options for the operations and maintenance of the SLF Project. This already considers the mitigation of possible environmental impacts and health hazards brought about by the waste transport disposal and landfill operations.

The study also defined the appropriate institutional setup during operations and implementations agreements of the establishments of the facility including all the technical standards to meet the minimum requirements if proposed project will be implemented through the “Design-Build and Lease (DBL)” or any appropriate BOT implementation scheme. Operation of the sanitary landfill, i.e. maintenance of MRF, collection of garbage, segregation at source etc. will be opened to private firms or corporation.

The other purpose of the study is to determine the appropriate tipping fee to be collected to the household and different establishment by the City government of Muños for every waste collected and disposed to the SLF.

Planning & Design Engineering of the Proposed Morong Sanitary Land Fill

The landfill is to initially served as the solid waste disposal facility for Morong and the adjacent municipalities of Teresa, Cardona and Baras in the Province of Rizal and subsequently for the nearby cities and municipalities that are still without a solid waste disposal facility. While the initially identified 4 municipalities have relatively small wastes generation with the present aggregate waste generation not expected to be more than 75 T/day and would require only a Category II Sanitary Landfill, if the nearby big city and municipalities like Antipolo City and Cainta which presently have no waste disposal facility would also dispose their wastes, a higher category landfill at least Category II will be required.

  Other Projects Undertaken      
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