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EDCOP with a track record of over five decades in engineering consultancy in the Philippines and overseas brings sound, rationale and practical exposure in water resources planning, engineering and project implementation.

The multiple and conjunctive use of water, especially with the growing population and demand for its utilization (domestic water supply, irrigation, hydropower and flood control) have led to the firms involvements in major projects such as the Angat Multipurpose Dam, Pantabangan Dam, Magat and Masiway Dams. In the recent years, EDCOP has also been tasked to provide engineering and technical advisory services to the government as well as private proponents towards the implementation of water projects through Private Sector Participation (PSP), BOT, Joint Venture and simple Supply Contract Agreemets.

EDCOP has actively participated in major water projects nationwide involving soil conservation and erosion control works, wells and pumping stations, distribution networks, irrigation and drainage systems, flood management and protection, water quality management and the various multiple purpose water resources projects for the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System.



Geology & Geotechnology
River Basin Planning
Flood Management and Protection
Dams & Dikes
Irrigation & Drainage Systems
Soil Conservation & Erosion Control Works
Water Supply (Urban & Rural)
Wells & Pumping Stations



  Projects Undertaken:      

Manila Water & Sewerage Systems

The immediate objective of AWSOP was the construction of supply, treatment, and distribution facilities that would utilize an additional abstraction of 15 cubic meters per second (m3/sec), over and above the existing 22 m3/sec, from the Angat Reservoir to meet domestic, commercial, and industrial water demand in Manila until 1996. The goal was to benefit an additional 3.1 million people, including 1.2 million urban poor, with improved water supply.




Clark Waste Water Treatment Plant Expansion Study

The study identified and evaluated the various options for the expansion and improvement of the waste water treatment lagoon for Clark Water Corporation (CWC).

The study conducted also addressed the following major concerns in the operation of the waste water treatment facility:

  • Effluent quality does not meet DENR DAO 35 in color, COD, TSS, pH, oil and grease and coliform .
  • The existing facility was designed to treat domestic wastewater, while the waste water generated from the Clark Export Processing Zone is a mixture of domestic and industrial zone wastewater.
  • Sludge accumulated at the existing anaerobic ponds and the other ponds could not be evacuated because the lagoons have no sludge drying beds.


Umiray-Angat Transbasin Tunnel Rehabilitation Project

The Umiray River contributes about 20 – 30% of the raw water for Metro Manila. The diversion facilities which was constructed under the Umiray-Angat Transbasin Project (UATP) became operational on June 2000. The intake facilities is located at Umiray, General Nakar, Quezon, while the outlet facilities is located in Macua, Dona Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan. The water from Umiray River to Macua River is conveyed through a 13 km tunnel (4.30 m. diameter) across Sierra Madre mountains.

On November 29, 2004, typhoon “Winnie” has caused severe damages to our Umiray-Angat Transbasin Tunnel and its facilities resulting to the complete stoppage of operation particularly the conveyance of raw water from the Umiray River to the Angat Reservoir thru Macua River.


A. Immediate Works (Phase 1):

Due to the clogging of the tunnel, the flow of raw water from the Umiray River to the Macua River was completely stopped resulting to a decrease in the volume of raw water available at Angat Reservoir and would mean a water shortage come dry season supplemented by the forecasted occurrence of El Nino by July 2005. To mitigate this water shortage, urgent works were done only to let the raw water flow again through the tunnel which is considered as Phase 1 of the rehabilitation works. Thus, MWSS together with its Concessionaires immediately undertook the following activities

B. Permanent Works (Phase2):

Since the immediate works done is only for the purpose of allowing the flow of raw water again into the tunnel, a permanent rehabilitation works has to be done to strengthen the stability of the structures to withstand future flood and typhoons. A Consultant was hired therefore to study and evaluate the existing structure including the hydrological component, and to undertake the detailed design for the complete rehabilitation works.


Malubog Dam AquaAtlas Cebu Bulk Water Supply Study

The Feasibility Study was prepared by Engineering and Development Corporation of the Philippines (EDCOP). The water quality and quantity study, one of the major components of the report, was prepared by the Water Center of the University of San Carlos (USC). USC scientists and laboratory technicians monitored over a one year period the rainfall levels, rate of evaporation, contamination periods and all the other key parameters in determining the optimum delivery capacity and quality fluctuations of the proposed water supply from the 200 hectare Atlas dam. Records of the past 50 years were used as reference to extrapolate water supply levels that may be experienced by the project in the next 30 years.

Delivery of raw water to Metro Cebu from the Atlas dam will be made possible through a 12.3 kilometers gravity tunnel. This system will make sure that the operating cost of the raw water delivery system will not be affected even if the price of power increases over the life of the proposed bulk water supply contract

The proposed improvement in the water distribution system of MCWD is expected to recover some P450 million lost revenue yearly due to leaks and pilferage in the system. Severe shortage and high prices encourage the theft of water; thus, by making a large volume of water widely available to satisfy the need for water will result in lower and affordable water price.

  Other Projects Undertaken      
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